Phoenix Infonews is the first Mandarin channel providing news 24 hours daily. With journalists stationed around the world, it covers live breaking events, balanced and impartial news reports, in-depth analyses of current affairs, as well as updates on stocks and finance.

Channel Availability

  • Channel: 202 for Jakarta (digital)

Today's Schedule

Time Title Description
00:00 News On The Hour
00:27 Weather Forecast
00:30 Financial Journal
01:00 News On The Hour
01:27 Weather Forecast
01:30 Phoenix Financial Daily Report
02:00 News On The Hour
02:27 Weather Forecast
02:30 Zhong Wang Chief Editor's Time
03:00 The News Circle
03:15 Wu Liang Ye Global Online
04:00 News On The Hour
04:27 Weather Forecast
04:30 Yiling News Talk
05:00 News On The Hour
05:27 Weather Forecast
05:30 Current Affairs Debate
06:00 China Jing Wine Good Morning China
07:00 Shineway China News Live
07:45 The News Circle
08:00 News On The Hour
08:27 Weather Forecast
08:30 Financial Journal
09:00 News On The Hour
09:27 Weather Forecast
09:30 Zhong Wang Chief Editor's Time
10:00 News On The Hour
10:55 Weather Forecast
11:00 Shuanghui Group Phoenix Afternoon Express
11:25 Weather Forecast
11:30 Current Affairs Debate
12:00 News On The Hour
12:15 Wu Liang Ye Global Online
13:00 News On The Hour
13:55 Weather Forecast
14:00 News On The Hour
14:55 Weather Forecast
15:00 News On The Hour
15:40 Weather Forecast
15:45 The News Circle
16:00 News On The Hour
16:27 Weather Forecast
16:30 Financial Journal
17:00 Sunshine Insurance Group Phoenix Focus
17:27 Weather Forecast
17:30 Yiling News Talk
18:00 Shineway China News Live
18:45 The News Circle
19:00 Sunshine Insurance Group Phoenix Focus
19:27 Weather Forecast
19:30 Phoenix Financial Daily Report
20:00 Asian Journal
21:00 Zhong Wang Chief Editor's Time
21:30 Yiling News Talk
22:00 Sunshine Insurance Group Phoenix Focus
22:15 Wu Liang Ye Global Online
23:00 Phoenix Midnight News Update
23:30 Current Affairs Debate