Channel : ASN2 # 324 Available at :
Title : NCAA Basketball 2014/15 Live: Utah @ Kansas HC ULTIMATE HD
Show : Sunday, 14 December'14 Time: 03:15 WIB
Channel : HBO HD # 305 Available at :
Title : Escape Plan HC ULTIMATE HD
Show : Saturday, 13 December'14 Time: 21:00 WIB
Channel : FOX MOVIES PREMIUM HD # 309 Available at :
Title : Ender's Game HC ULTIMATE HD
Show : Saturday, 13 December'14 Time: 20:00 WIB
Channel : Fox Sports # 157 Available at :
Title : UFC On FOX SPORTS : Dos Santos Vs. Miocic Live HC ULTIMATE HD
Show : Sunday, 14December'14 Time: 08:00 WIB
Channel : Start World HD # 327 Available at :
Show : Saturday, 13 December'14 Time: 18:50 WIB

HomeCable Packages

Bring endless excitement to your home with HomeCable from First Media. Enjoy 24/7 of more than 90 carefully selected channels that show a balance of entertainment, sports, education, family, movies and news for each member of the family. With the latest technology on television broadcasting; through HomeCable HD to bring each household entertainment into a higher definition.

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Terms & Conditions
  • All HomeCable Packages Require HomeBox (Decoder) Rental Rp. 40.000,~/month.
  • HD Channel can only be accessed from Home Box HD and HD television.
  • Selection Pack & Add-On Pack require Basic HomeCable Package Subscription
  • Installation fee for new customer Rp 200.000 including cable 30m.
  • Excess use of cables during installation will be charged by additional fee Rp 10,000/m.
  • Channels and Price are Subject to Change without prior notice
  • All Price Subject to 10% Goverment Tax
  • With Set Top Box rental fee of Rp 40,000, - per month for one (1) outlet, customers can enjoy up to four (4) TV outlets of the same HomeCable service package at no additional HomeCable cost